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Schedule An Appointment To Visit Our Facility

Once your applications have been processed and approved, you will want to set up an orientation appointment. You should plan to allow 20 to 30 minutes for the orientation and will ask that you give us 48 hours notice of your planned arrival.

Visiting Hollander Glass

Our location offers a great selection of glass materials in a self-service atmosphere. Be prepared to pull your order and make sure you are dressed with safety in mind:

    Warehouse Policy
  • WEAR Safety Glasses.
  • WEAR Gloves.
  • WEAR Long Pants.
  • WEAR Sturdy Footwear (NO OPEN TOE SHOES).

  • Accompanying children must be AT LEAST 15 years of age and cannot be left unattended AT ANY TIME.

If you choose to visit us you may provide us with a list of materials to select and hold for your arrival, and you can hand select the rest of your order on-site. Orders should be placed at least one full working day ahead (some orders may require more time).

Anything you select can be shipped to you via several motorfreight companies (packing charges will apply). If you plan to take your selections with you, please make sure your vehicle is outfitted to transport your glass safely. Loading your vehicle is YOUR responsibility. We can pack glass in crates, for a fee, for your personal transport, but keep in mind these crates won’t fit in most passenger cars.